[Haskell-cafe] How to use a wiki to annotate GHC Docs? was Re: [Haskell] Re: Making Haskell more open

Manuel M T Chakravarty chak at cse.unsw.edu.au
Wed Nov 16 18:46:46 EST 2005

Neil Mitchell:
> > I don't think restricting editing to registered users is a significant
> > turn off if registration is simple.
> It really really is a turn off. Sometimes when I spot a mistake, and
> I'm at a computer where I haven't logged in to hawiki, I don't bother
> fixing it. No one wants to have yet another account, to fill in their
> personal details yet again.
> I appreciate spam is a problem, but turning off unregistered users is
> a trade off - less content, less spam, less open to people joining -
> its not a free solution.

It is a trade off, but I am not (yet) convinced that it is a very
serious one.  The question is whether we want to make (almost) all of
haskell.org editable, so that, for example, people can put links to
their own libraries, tools, and papers up, or that they can share other
Haskell knowledge.  Not all, but many of these things are not casual 1
minute updates anyway.  For these, moving from nobody, except two
maintainers, can edit to anybody who can bother with 1 minute
registration fuzz can edit seems already like a rather dramatic change.

Besides, I definitely have a very lightweight registration in mind.  No
personal details, except an email address required.


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