[Haskell-cafe] waitForProcess: sytem call interrupted

Joel Reymont joelr1 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 20:36:41 EST 2005


My program frequently quites (I think) after this message:

waitForProcess: sytem call interrupted

I think it has to do with my killing the thread that calls connectTo,  
after a certain timeout. Is there a way to catch this exception so  
that the program does not crash?

My code looks like this:

connect :: HostName -> Int -> EngineState ()
connect host port =
     do w <- get
        let secs = timeout_seconds w
        x <- liftIOTrap $ timeout secs $ connect_ host port
        let h = case x of (Right x') -> x'
        trace "Connection established"

timeout :: forall a.Show a => Int -> IO a -> IO (Either String a)
timeout secs fun =
     do resultVar <- newEmptyMVar
        threadId <- forkIO $
                    do result <- try fun
                       let x = case result of
                                 Right a -> Right a
                                 Left b -> Left (fromIOError b)
                       trace_ $ "timeout: " ++ show x
                       putMVar resultVar x
        forkIO $ do threadDelay (secs * 1000000)
                    putMVar resultVar (Left "Timeout")
        maybeResult <- takeMVar resultVar
        case maybeResult
             of (Right result) -> return (Right result)
                (Left result) -> do killThread threadId
                                    return (Left result)


fromIOError err = ioeGetErrorString err

liftIOTrap :: IO a -> EngineState a
liftIOTrap io =
     do mx <- liftIO (do x <- io
                         return (return x)
                                    (\e -> return (throwError
                                                   (fromIOError e))))

	Thanks, Joel


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