[Haskell-cafe] doc/html -> wiki -> xml

Scott Weeks weeksie at twelvestone.com
Tue Nov 15 06:44:58 EST 2005

Frankly, the best way to go about writing your doc would be to do it in 
LaTeX/literate haskell. That way you could compile it to 

On 15/11/2005, at 2:40 AM, Bulat Ziganshin wrote:

> Hello Haskellers,
> i'm now write documention about Template Haskell in MS Word. when it
> will be written, i will be glad to publish it in Wiki, so anyone can
> correct it. and when all be done, it will be great to automatically
> convert this wiki text to DocBook XML for inserting in GHC
> documentation
> can anyone say me about tools/scripts which can be used to do this? or
> share your ideas - how can i write scripts to do it?
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