[Haskell-cafe] Download binary file

Jorge Guerra jegd at ldc.usb.ve
Mon Nov 14 09:48:16 EST 2005

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to download a binary file (an mp3) from a given URL, at the
moment I've found two possible solutions:

1) Use the Network.Socket library from ghc to get the file. The problem
with this is that I'll have to deal with the HTTP protocol (done), and
read the Handle in binary mode however I don't understand how to do
this, in particular how to deal with the buffer (Prt?).

2) Use a system program like wget in linux systems.  But I don't know
how to call a system command from haskell, and besides I wan't my
program to be portable at least between windows and linux.

Any sugestions?

Sorry for my newbie question.


Jorge E. Guerra D.
Departamento de Computación y Tecnología de la Información
Universidad Simón Bolívar

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