[Haskell-cafe] Python?

Bjorn Lisper lisper at it.kth.se
Sat May 21 17:07:36 EDT 2005

>Bjorn Lisper wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>Finally I found some time to reply to this posting. A couple of years ago we
>>did something called "Data Field Haskell", which is Haskell extended with a
>>generalized form of arrays called data fields. Much of the purpose was to
>>investigate convenient and general syntax for array constructions.
>>The forall-construct is intended to provide a simple and powerful syntax for
>>operations on data fields. Let's see below how it matches Jerzy's desired
>>features of an array language:


>Now, I know the existence of pages within
>but you say that the project is dormant. Is there *anything* going on?

Alas, no. I have neither time nor funding to work with Data Field Haskell
now. Having said that, I think there are a lot of different things that
could be done: polishing the programming model, implementation issues, code
optimization, ...


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