[Haskell-cafe] NumberTheory library

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Mon May 9 22:43:13 EDT 2005

G'day all.

Quoting Jan-Willem Maessen <jmaessen at alum.mit.edu>:

> How about one that's actually H98?  The types here aren't *that*
> fiddly... :-)

Well, part of what I was doing was experimenting with what a library like
this should look like, even more than what it should do.  For some reason,
I kind of like writing this:

    *Math.Prime> is Prime 42

instead of this:

    *Math.Prime> isPrime 42

Possibly unnecessary, but it appeals to my inner generic programmer.

If you want to refactor the library so that it's a glasgow-exts interface
on top of a H98 core, by all means do so.  That's what darcs is for. :-)

Andrew Bromage

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