[Haskell-cafe] Re: [Haskell] URLs in haskell module namespace

Graham Klyne GK at ninebynine.org
Wed Mar 23 05:03:05 EST 2005

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At 12:14 22/03/05 +0000, Malcolm Wallace wrote:
> >    import http://domain.org/package-1.0.cabal#Network.HTTP as HTTP
> >    import http://hage.org/package-2.1.cabal#Network.HTTP as HTTP2
> >       --note use of HTTP fragment identifier for module name
>I cannot see any of the Haskell compilers ever implementing this idea
>as presented.  It would introduce an enormous raft of requirements
>(networking client, database mapping, caching, etc) that do not belong
>in a compiler - they belong in separate (preprocessing/packaging)
>tools.  Furthermore, these tools already exist, albeit they are young
>and have a long maturation process still ahead of them.

Well, I'd agree the networking stuff don't belong in the compiler.  In the 
operating system, I'd suggest, as part of the I/O and file system.

In the long, I believe the distinction between local and networked 
resources will fade away (other than for practical purposes, as today with 
specific networked file systems), and URIs are an effective and 
standardized way to identify all kinds of resources.


Graham Klyne
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