[Haskell-cafe] Re: Best practices for modular programming in Haskell

Keean Schupke k.schupke at imperial.ac.uk
Thu Mar 17 17:14:49 EST 2005

Yes. Its actually very easy once you get how instance resolution
occurs and how constraints work.

I have used this style to code a database interface, and am using the
OOHaskell style (which is related to this kind of stuff) for an application
server (was a SOAP server, but might migrate to the new WebServices
Infact there is only one real limitation, and that is you cannot
(easily) lift an arbitrary IO value to a type. (You can do this but there
must be a limit to the value).

This does seem solvable however - but not with the current ghc/hugs 
To lift a value to a type the code depending on that type cannot be 
compiled/type-checked until the value is known. This would be ideally 
suited to
a JIT compiler.


Benjamin Pierce wrote:

>>Actually Haskell fully matches the module system of OCaml -- and then
>>adds some. Haskell provides both generative and applicative (recursive)
>>functors. The following two messages elucidate the correspondence
>Do people actually develop significant bodies of code in this style?
>   - Benjamin
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