[Haskell-cafe] Re: Solution to Thompson's Exercise 4.4

Sean Perry shaleh at speakeasy.net
Sun Mar 13 03:01:17 EST 2005

Michael Vanier wrote:
>>Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2005 23:39:21 -0800
>>From: Sean Perry <shaleh at speakeasy.net>
>>Cc: Haskell-Cafe at haskell.org
>>As an aside, I kept all of the exercises in revision control. So I can 
>>look back at what I first wrote and my later changes. A habit I plan to 
>>keep as I move on to other programming texts and languages.
> That's a nice approach.  But I can't resist asking: once you've learned
> Haskell, what is there left to move on to? ;-)


I try to learn a new language every other year or so. Lisp and I have 
butted heads many times. So I thought I would try Haskell -- already 
love Python and the two are clearly siblings with divorced parents.

Unfortunately since Haskell is neither C nor Perl, I will probably only 
dabble in it, much like Python. Not a fact I like, but one that the 
corporate world keeps making me swallow.

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