[Haskell-cafe] Problem with Haddock

Daniel Fischer daniel.is.fischer at web.de
Tue Mar 8 10:25:49 EST 2005


I have the problem that I can't haddock literate modules (latex-style),
> haddock -h -o docs Test.lhs
Test.lhs:1:1: Parse error

the file begins with "\begin{code}".

Does anybody know what's up and what to do about it?

Furthermore, in the documentation of ghc-6.4.2005...,
only four modules from base/GHC are included, in the documentation for 
ghc-6.2.2 there were 29. In particular, the absence of GHC.List, GHC.Show and 
GHC.Read is extremely annoying.

Any suggestions how to remedy this?

Thanks in advance,

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