[Haskell-cafe] programatica and haddock

Christian Maeder maeder at tzi.de
Thu Jun 30 06:58:07 EDT 2005


Bernard Pope wrote:
> There is also the Programmatica project which seems to do a lot of what
> I'm thinking of already. 

Yes, programatica does a good job. We have switch from using Hatchet to
Programatica (and we may switch to the ghc frontend promised for ghc-6.6
that we would need to extend by formulas for specifications)

Programatica has an alternative way for producing html documentation
from Haskell sources. browse

I would like to see the advantages of both, programatica's documentation
generation and haddock, to be united. (programatica sources don't go
through haddock and have few type signatures that haddock could exploit,
and haddock comments are useless for programatica.)

Unfortunately, the markup used by both programs is different. "{-+" in
programatica and "{- |" in haddock.

Is there any chance that both documentation approaches could be streamlined?


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