[Haskell-cafe] Functional Programming lecture on video

Carsten Otto carsten.otto at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 06:07:13 EDT 2005


I am student at the RWTH Aachen (Germany) and this semester professor
Giesl is lecturing "Functional Programming".
In the first part of this lecture Haskell is presented and all basic
concepts are explained (recursion, pattern matching, lambda
expressions, user declared data types, ...).
Later in this lecture the theoretical background is the main topic
(semantics, lambda calculus, ...).
If you are interested, you can watch this lecture on video:

The lecture of course is being held in English.

The video is encoded with XviD 1250 KBit and 64 KBit Mono-MP3. The
download-server is connected with about 100 MBit, so your download
should be quite fast.

Have fun,
Carsten Otto
carsten.otto at gmail.com

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