[Haskell-cafe] Trivial question... solve_qe

Ilya Martynov ilya+haskellcafe at iponweb.net
Wed Jun 15 11:37:06 EDT 2005

>>>>> "M'G" == Matej 'Yin' Gagyi <yin at atom.sk> writes:

M'G> Hi all!
M'G> I'm new to Haskell... absolutely new. I need some practice, but little
M'G> problem seems to me like unresolvable... Is there some tutorial of
M'G> "Exercise, set of resolutions" pairs type?

Tutorial from http://www.isi.edu/~hdaume/htut/ has set of exercises
after each chapter. It was probably the best tutorial on Haskell I
tried when I started learning Haskell a couple months ago.

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