[Haskell-cafe] Garbage collection and finalizer thread priority

Bulat Ziganshin bulatz at HotPOP.com
Tue Jun 14 08:04:34 EDT 2005

Hello Gracjan,

Tuesday, June 14, 2005, 1:29:09 PM, you wrote:
GP> Documentation says:
GP>   -Msize
GP>      [Default: unlimited] Set the maximum heap size to size bytes. The 
GP> heap normally grows and shrinks according to the memory requirements of 
GP> the program...

GP> GHC 6.4 says:
GP> Heap exhausted;
GP> Current maximum heap size is 268435456 bytes (256 Mb);
GP> use `+RTS -M<size>' to increase it.

it's an error in GHC 6.4/win32

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