[Haskell-cafe] Garbage collection and finalizer thread priority

Gracjan Polak gracjan at acchsh.com
Mon Jun 13 09:32:18 EDT 2005

Simon Marlow wrote:
> I presume you're running GHC.  There's no way to increase the priority
> of a thread - GHC's scheduler doesn't have a concept of priorities.

Yes, I forgot to state it explicitly.

> I would look into whether you can use mallocForeignPtr: this is much
> faster than using newForeignPtr with finalizerFree, because the memory
> is garbage collected directly and there's no need for a finalizer.

I use mallocBytes + reallocBytes + addForeignPtrFinalizer finalizerFree. 
  I wouldn't think this is any different, thanks for your suggestion.

May I ask where that difference comes from?


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