[Haskell-cafe] A reference manual for the Haskell monad > functions

robert dockins robdockins at fastmail.fm
Thu Jun 9 16:00:20 EDT 2005

Frank-Andre Riess wrote:
>>I have written a reference manual for the most common Haskell monad
>>functions, in the
>>style of "A Tour of the Haskell Prelude". It can be found at:
>>    http://members.chello.nl/hjgtuyl/tourdemonad.html
>>Known bug:
>>Not all keywords in the "See also" sections, that could be links, are
> Nice :)
> Reading over it once, I noticed that you confused the types of (>>) and (>>=).
> Didn't see any other mistake, though.

I'd just like to note that this tutorial includes a statement of the
MonadPlus laws, which are subject to some disagreement.  In particular
the 'mzero is a right zero for (>>=)' law is much disputed, and is
included in this tutorial as a law.  This wiki page summarizes the
current state of (dis)agreement:


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