[Haskell-cafe] CGI module almost useless

Niklas Broberg niklas.broberg at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 16:04:21 EDT 2005

Shameless plug warning.

> >From what I can tell, there are two problems with WASH:
> 1) Everything must be done the WASH way
> 2) WASH is mostly broken with GHC 6.4
> Let me elaborate a bit on #1.
> Let's say I have a CGI interface pre-defined; I take certain parameters
> from a GET request and do certain things, generating certain headers no
> the result.
> WASH is all centered around generating its own forms, naming its own
> fields, passing around its own state.  It's not at all clear how to
> handle this myself, as I would with Perl or PHP.
> If there is a way, please explain it and I'll be happy :-)

Perhaps you want to have a look at HSP? :-)
It doesn't solve all your problems though; it still requires the
output to be text/html (or text/xhtml rather), but hopefullly a future
incarnation will be more general.

Anyway, you can get it from


Feedback greatly appreciated. :-)


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