[Haskell-cafe] file line operation perhaps need loop

Sun Yi Ming yimings at cgogo.com
Wed Jul 20 04:15:29 EDT 2005

Arthur van Leeuwen <arthurvl at cs.uu.nl> worte:
> Ah, but this is exactly where lazyness wins bigtime: a smart
> implementation
> of readFile will lazily read the actual file for as far as needed. Thus,
> reading with readFile will not read the entire file into memory at once.
> What will happen is that writeFile starts writing, and upon discovery of
> needing the value of urls it will then start reading. Any value already
> written in this case obviously turns into garbage and will be garbage
> collected. I would be slightly surprised if this code uses more than
> constant memory.
>> so i need to read the file
>> line by line but stunned by the loop in IO Monad:
>> ---
>> main = do h1 <- openFile "url1.txt" ReadMode
>>           h2 <- openFile "url2.txt" ReadMode
>>           line1 <- hGetLine h1
>>           line2 <- hGetLine h2
>>           print $ line1 : line2 : [] -- i don't howto do
>>           hClose h1
>>           hClose h2
>> --
>> any ideas? thank you all.
> Yes. You need to split the lines
>        line1 <- hGetLine h1
>        line2 <- hGetLine h2
>        print $ line1 : line2: []
> into a separate function that will then recurse over the file.
ah, readFile is lazy,that's great! my hat's off to the haskell
design/implement teams for their robust and elegant work. thank all you
BTW, sorry to Doei Arthur for my reply to you by mistake.
Sun Yi Ming

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