[Haskell-cafe] How to variables

robert dockins robdockins at fastmail.fm
Mon Jul 18 15:41:47 EDT 2005

>>>>>I'm doing a 3D simulation. Now I need something like variables in
>>>>>imperative languages. My mainLoop check for new events and renders
>>>>Then you want IORef.
>>>I saw it. The problem is, I need an amount of 100*X of mutable variables
>>>to implement the system (camera position, rotation, aceleration, ...,
>>>position and deformetion infomations for every object, ..., renderer
>>>situations [like temprary fading and other efects], ... and more)
>>Then you probably want a big labeled record, 
> Uhm... and what if I write some runtines in plain C, then bind them to
> Haskell and and use then as in OOP:

> Is this apoarch safe enougth, what do you think?

If you do it carefully.  But why?  It sounds like you are planning to 
write a transliteration of the code you would write in C, without 
leveraging the advantages of Haskell.  Which brings us to the critical 
question; what properties of Haskell cause you to want to develop your 
program using it?  The answer to that question should direct your design 

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