[Haskell-cafe] IO platform for testing

yin yin at atom.sk
Sat Jul 16 11:19:26 EDT 2005

Hello all,

first I have to apologise for my English.

So, I don't fully understand haskells IO, but I need some testing 'main'

./bundle01 <cmd> <arg1> <arg2> ...

I more apoarches, but no one worked. Now I tried this:
   m01_mod :: Int -> Int -> Int
   b01_mod a b = a mod b
   main = do
       (cmd:ss) <- getArgs
       putStrLn (
           if (cmd == "mod") then do
               show (b01_mod (read (ss!!1)) (read (ss!!2)))
           else do
               "unknown command!")

Please, send me somethung like this (I need to understand it). I need
runing more <cmd>s and with various argument counts and types. All
functions "in a bundle" should be in one file.

Thanks to you all :)

Matej 'Yin' Gagyi

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