[Haskell-cafe] Problem linking against Data.Graph

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at cse.unsw.edu.au
Fri Jul 15 22:52:09 EDT 2005

> Hi all,
> I'm something of a Haskell newbie, and this is my first post to this
> list.
> I'm trying to do some very basic things with graphs, but can't get
> started with Data.Graph.  In particular, linking fails - I'm wondering
> if something's wrong with my install.  (For the record: ghc-6.4
> compiled/installed fresh today on gentoo linux - it _looks_ OK to my
> Haskell-untrained eyes).

Note that Data.Graph is different to Data.Graph.Inductive:

module Data.Graph:
    -- A version of the graph algorithms described in:
    --   /Lazy Depth-First Search and Linear Graph Algorithms in Haskell/,
    --   by David King and John Launchbury.

module Data.Graph.Inductive:
    --  Inductive.hs -- Functional Graph Library  
    --  (c) 1999-2005 by Martin Erwig [see file COPYRIGHT]

The first lives in package `base', the second in package `fgl'.

-- Don

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