[Haskell-cafe] Coin changing algorithm

ChrisK chrisk at MIT.EDU
Wed Jul 13 11:51:35 EDT 2005

Of course I can't be sure about speed.  If you make a recursive call it
will need to check all the guarded cases, by computing the range of
quantity it is doing the same work one additional time to get most, but
then avoid the work of checking the final failing case that the other
solutions relied on.  So profiling is definately needed since it moves
the work of checking the guard, not changes it.

BUG: I wrote "prefix" where I needed to write "concat".  And I left the
base cases off, since others have already shown what they are.

If you wanted a different return type using (coin,quantity) tuples, then
you could change (replicate quantity x) to (x,quantity) and use
"prefix".  Starting with the largest quantity makes it return the
results in reverse order to most of the other examples, which may or may
not be what is wanted.

Assuming sorted unique coins means I don't need Cale's (filter (<= x
coins)) over and over again.

Radu Grigore wrote:
> On 7/13/05, ChrisK <chrisk at mit.edu> wrote:
>>Sort the list of integers, highest at the front of the list.
>>(And perhaps remove duplicates with nub)
> The first time I wrote in the comments that 'partition' takes a
> "decreasing list of integers..." and then I decided to drop
> "decreasing". Weakest precondition :)
>>When you pop the first element you can already compute the range of
>>quantity you will need, 
> Is that really faster? I wouldn't be sure without profiling..

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