[Haskell-cafe] polymorphic type

Stefan Holdermans stefan at cs.uu.nl
Wed Jul 6 04:12:05 EDT 2005


> What I thought at first the signature of plus should be: plus :: (a -> 
> c, b -> d) -> Either a b -> Either c d?Anyone know where I was wrong?

Your initial thought was right: it should

   (a -> c, b -> d) -> Either a b -> Either c d

Why didn't you just test it by feeding in to a compiler or interpreter; 
these are really useful, you know. ;)


> case :: (a -> c,b -> c) -> Either a b -> c
> case (f, g) (Left x) = f x
> case (f, g) (Right x) = g x

You can't name your function case: it's a reserved word.

You might want to check out the standard libraries:

   case' = uncurry either



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