[Haskell-cafe] Re: ocr'ed version of "The implementation offunctional languages"

Victor Snezhko snezhko at indorsoft.ru
Mon Jan 31 06:44:05 EST 2005

Ivan Boldyrev <boldyrev+nospam at cgitftp.uiggm.nsc.ru> writes:

>> It's just more convenient to read OCRed books than raster ones.
>> Zoom without interpolation,
> You haven't seen the book in DjVu format :)  BTW, DjVu can contain

I saw such books, but didn't have enough time to find good viewers.
I viewed them with IE plugin, and didn't like it.

> text, but I haven't learned proper spell yet :)  I use free tools, so
> it may be difficult or impossible.
> PS/PDF generated from LaTeX is even better than DjVu, but it is very
> difficult to produce -- lot of hand work.  

Do you mean creation of TeX sources?

> If we will gather large command it will be possible.

I think even if we don't gather command that is large enough we
should create the best version possible. It will be slower and more
time-consuming, but who cares, the book is already 18 years old :)

WBR, Victor V. Snezhko
e-mail: snezhko at indorsoft.ru

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