[Haskell-cafe] Recantation and updated views

Daniel Fischer daniel.is.fischer at web.de
Tue Jan 25 10:30:16 EST 2005

Okay, I was stupid, having ignored my own advice to always look at the 
I stupidly assumed IO a was not a function-type. On retrospect, I can't 
imagine, how that came to me.
I've looked it up now, and for ghc, I found

newtype IO a = IO (State# RealWorld -> (# State# RealWorld, a #))

which is more or less what I've arrived at, eventually.

For hugs, it's
newtype IO a = IO ((IOError -> IOResult) -> (a -> IOResult) -> IOResult),
which I find somewhat more contrived.

So I apologize for all the nonsense that came from that and happily agree that 
getChar &c are well defined values of IO a.

Whether we have

putStrLn "hello" >> mzero === mzero

depends on what raiseIO#  exactly does, I've no idea.
Again, sorry for all the fuss.

Thanks to (in alphabetical order) Jorge, Jules and Ketil for helping me out of 
my error.


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