[Haskell-cafe] Re: Books on Haskell

David Owen d_w_o at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 17 13:33:40 EST 2005


I have 3 Haskell books, The Craft of Functional Programming (Thompson), 
Introduction to Functional Programming Using Haskell (Bird) and The Haskell 
School of Expression (Hudak).

I recommend Thompson's book because it contains good explanations and lots 
of exercises, although the book is quite big and takes some time to work 
through.  Bird's book is a bit shorter and is good for explanations too but 
it isn't quite so hands on as it contains fewer exercises.

Hudak's I feel is a bit too advanced for a first read, it focusses on using 
the Hugs graphics library and I think that the graphics examples can 
sometimes cloud the simple ideas that are trying to be explained.  I'll 
probably try reading it again in the future.

All the best

Dave O

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