[Haskell-cafe] Introducing me

fabian otto otto.ml at gmail.com
Fri Jan 14 05:12:35 EST 2005


my name is Fabian Otto.

I'm doing my master in computer science at the technical university of  
Berlin (Germany).
I have choosen advanced functional programming (FTFP) [1]  as one of my  

In this course we use opal[2] with some unimplemented features. e.g:
* optional laziness
* parametic types
* theories / typeclasses

Some topics in this course are:
* monads
* fixpoint algorithmes / cpos
* parser generatoren
* optimized datastructures ( e.g. queues)
* reference counting

To deepen my understanding in  these topics I have choosen Haskell
and I am really looking forward participating in this mailinglist

Thanks for reading.

[1]: http://uebb.cs.tu-berlin.de/lehre/2004SVftfp/
[2]: http://www.cs.nott.ac.uk/~gmh//faq.html#opal

bookmarks: http://del.icio.us/sigsegv
jabber: sigsegv at jabber.ccc.de
wiki/blog: http://jotpee.de/blog

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