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Tue Jan 11 05:29:50 EST 2005


I want to create two data types:

a) Purchase, which represents purchase by a customer (two attributes - amount
the purchase and rebate, both Double's)

b) Customer, which represents a customer and his/her purchases. This tuple has
two attributes - customer ID and a list of all purchases. Customer ID is Int,
list of all purchases is a list of instances of Purchase (see above item a)).

So, I wrote this code:

data Purchase (price :: Double) (rebate :: Double) = -- error occurs here
Purchase price rebate
        deriving (Show, Eq)

data Customer (id :: Int) (purchases :: [Purchase]) = Participant id purchases
        deriving (Show, Eq)

When I try to load it into GHCi, I'm getting this error message:

Prelude> :reload
Compiling Gs               ( Gs.hs, interpreted )
Gs.hs:15: parse error on input `Double'
Failed, modules loaded: none.

Line 15 is the first line of the code snippet above.

I have three questions:

a) How should I define the types of the attributes correctly?
b) Is it possible to impose a constraint on the "constructor" of tuple
so that the compiler throws an error, if one tries to create a purchase where
rebate is greater than price (rebate and price are given in absolute numbers;
rebate is NOT a fraction of price) ?
c) What is a correct name for "attributes" of tuples (such as price and rebate
in Purchase) and "constructors" of tuples?

Many thanks in advance

Dmitri Pissarenko

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