[Haskell-cafe] Tutorial for server programming in concurrent Haskell

Ahn Ki-yung kyagrd at bawi.org
Wed Jan 5 09:04:43 EST 2005

I've recently started a small tutorial for server programming in
concurrent Haskell.


For newbies in Haskell and/or server programming,
there should be an interoductory tutorial with concrete and simple examples
before Simon Marlow's papers about web server implementation in Haskell.

This tutorial consists of two famous examples, Echo and Chat,
with the source code and makefile to be downloaded, compliled and tested
right away.

I hope this could be some helpt to those who want to start server
programming in Haskell.

Server programming in modern fucntional language with concurrency support
is a real pleasure! You should also try Erlang if you havnt' tried yet.

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