[Haskell-cafe] Must be a FAQ - Can't make install Hugs98-Nov2003 on MacOSX 10.3.8

Arthur Baars arthurb at cs.uu.nl
Fri Feb 25 11:14:25 EST 2005

See the hugs-bugs archive:

Malcolm Wallace wrote:
> The configure script is (wrongly) determining that the MacOS X C
> compiler does not support Floats/Doubles.  Ideally, the autoconf magic
> which determined this setting should be fixed, but in the meantime,
> you can work around it by:
>   (1) Edit src/config.h, replacing the line
>       /* #undef HAVE_LIBM */
>       with
>       #define HAVE_LIBM 1
>   (2) rm src/*.o
>   (3) cd src; make
> Regards,
>     Malcolm

Hope this answers your question.


On 25-feb-05, at 16:09, Kaoru Hosokawa wrote:

> I'm sure this must be a FAQ, but I can't make install hugs98-Nov2003 
> on MacOS 10.3.8. The error message I get is:

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