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Thu Feb 10 15:17:17 EST 2005


I have a list of instances of the ClassifiedImage class, which is defined as

data ClassifiedImage = ClassifiedImage {imageFileName :: String, subjectID ::
        deriving Show

Attribute imageFileName contains a file name of a certain image. I want
to "transform" the list [ClassifiedImage] into a list [(ClassifiedImage,
Image)], where Image is content of the file with name imageFileName.

That is, I want to have a routine, which iterates through the list of
ClassifiedImages, reads each file (with filename contained in the attribute
ClassifiedImage.imageFileName) and stores its content in a variable.

I have already a function, which reads the content of a file.

My idea is to use map for this task:

readClassifiedImages :: [ClassifiedImage] -> [(ClassifiedImage, Image)]
readClassifiedImages classifiedImages = do
        return map readerFunc classifiedImages

readerFunc denotes some function, which takes the attribute imageFileName of a
ClassifiedImage instance.

I suppose that this readerFunc looks like shown below.

readerFunc :: ClassifiedImage -> (ClassifiedImage, Image)
readerFunc classifiedImage = (classifiedImage, fileContent)
        where   fileName = classifiedImageFileName classifiedImage
                fileContent = readImage fileName

classifiedImageFileName :: ClassifiedImage -> String

In order for this function to work, I need to define classifiedImageFileName,
which "returns" the imageFileName attribute of an instance of ClassifiedImage

How can I define this function?

Can I use map for readImage function, which is in the IO domain? If not, what
tutorial can help me?

Thanks in advance

Dmitri Pissarenko

Dmitri Pissarenko
Software Engineer

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