[Haskell-cafe] Re: ocr'ed version of "The implementation offunctional languages"

Victor Snezhko snezhko at indorsoft.ru
Tue Feb 1 12:13:34 EST 2005

Harri Haataja <harriha at mail.student.oulu.fi> writes:

>> I saw such books, but didn't have enough time to find good viewers.
>> I viewed them with IE plugin, and didn't like it.
> The qt viewer (and plugin) is also quite horrible, I'm afraid.

windjview is not so quite bad...
At least I don't have to run IE in order to use it :)

For linux I heard about djvulibre, haven't tested it yet...

>> > text, but I haven't learned proper spell yet :)  I use free tools,
>> > so it may be difficult or impossible.
> Do see http://any2djvu.djvuzone.org/

I have downloaded many books there one year and a half ago :)

Have they opened it again? Didn't know, I will look there again...
AFAIR, about a year ago they restricted downloading of djvu's by ip
address that submitted original images.
(history of djvus was available, but for 24 hours only...)

WBR, Victor V. Snezhko
EMail: snezhko at indorsoft.ru

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