[Haskell-cafe] RE: module names

Remi Turk rturk at science.uva.nl
Thu Dec 29 19:34:08 EST 2005

On Fri, Dec 16, 2005 at 07:55:50AM -0800, Scherrer, Chad wrote:
> From: S Koray Can [mailto:skoraycan at aim.com]
> Why not do this: name none of those modules Main.hs, and have an empty 
> module Main.hs with only "import MainDeJour" and "main = 
> MainDeJour.main" so you can just edit just that file.
> Cheers,
> Koray
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Yeah, I like that approach. That saves me from having to remember which 
> file I most recent used as main. Seems easy enough to even set it up so
> that
> load MainDuJour
> writes the file Main.hs with
> import MainDuJour
> main = MainDuJour.main

A rather late reply I realize, but this slightly less verbose
version also works:

> module Main where
> import MainDuJour


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