[Haskell-cafe] Re: binary IO

Peter Simons simons at cryp.to
Tue Dec 27 15:26:29 EST 2005

Joel Reymont writes:

 > I would challenge everyone with a fast IO library to plug
 > it into the timeleak code, run it under a profiler and
 > post the results (report + any alarms).

My guess is that you would learn more if _you_ would plug
the different IO libraries into your test code. I'm certain
the respective library authors will be quite happy to answer
questions and to investigate unexpected results. The
enthusiasm you put into this subject is very much
appreciated. Your collected results will be invaluable for
the Haskell community. Thank you for not giving up on the
language at the first sign of trouble. It's great that
you're so curious about Haskell and put so much effort into
finding a good, efficient solution for your needs.


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