[Haskell-cafe] binary IO

Joel Reymont joelr1 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 27 05:09:06 EST 2005

We'll see, Erlang is built for this type of stuff. I might have  
results from the "timeleak" test today and will probably have first  
networking results tomorrow.

But I wish I could achieve even a fraction of that with Haskell.

On Dec 27, 2005, at 9:51 AM, Branimir Maksimovic wrote:

> I have C++ concurrent server that performs 2600 reqs/sec on about 500
> connections and dual Xeon 2.8Ghz, but no pickling /unpickling, just  
> short text.
> Has sepparate IO threads that divide descriptor sets (num descs /  
> IO thread)
> and worker threads as number of CPU's * 2, no locking of shared queue.
> So with 4k connections I guess that would be maximum 2k requests on  
> *dual* box
> per second, without pickling / unpickling, just short textual  
> protocol and
> simple services.
> I think that you will get hard time even with C to achieve your goal.


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