[Haskell-cafe] exuberant-ctags, haskell, vim, tlist plugin

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at talk21.com
Thu Dec 22 12:47:09 EST 2005

If you try a recent snapshot of cvs ghc, its ghci should support generating
project-wide tags files for emacs and vim (btw, the online help for vim has 
another example of using tags for code browsing: showing the definition 
for the identifier under cursor in a preview window - very handy for data 

you'd still have to interface Tlist to haskell tags somehow, I guess? 


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Subject: [Haskell-cafe] exuberant-ctags, haskell, vim, tlist plugin

> Hi.
> I'm a happy vim user and enjoyed using the Tlist plugin which shows only
> the methods and classes described in a file.. But it uses
> exuberant-ctags to "parse" the files which doesn't support haskell, yet.
> Has anyone already added haskell support? Is someone else interested?
> Other solutions perhaps another editor?
> Here are some screenshots of the tlist plugin for vim:
> http://www.geocities.com/yegappan/taglist/screenshots.html
> Marc
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