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Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at zmsl.com
Wed Dec 21 10:34:10 EST 2005

Sebastian Sylvan wrote:
> Beginners know that too. In fact, they often think that practical
> applications need far more IO than they really do! So to insinuate
> even slightly that Haskell is "bad at IO" by avoiding it for two
> thirds of a book, is really going to inforce the idea that Haskell
> isn't a practical language for practical applications.
> It's easily remedied by teaching them a little IO up front (to show
> them it's not scary), and then leaving it alone for a while, having a
> more thorugough treatment of it later on.

You can show them this on the first page:

main = do
	x <- getLine()
	print my_program(x)

And spend the next 200 pages showing them all the nifty things and 
purely functional things that my_program() could do and not mention 
monads until chapter 14.

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