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Daniel Carrera daniel.carrera at zmsl.com
Wed Dec 21 06:17:37 EST 2005

Robin Green wrote:
> Whilst localising IO to a small part of the program is generally a good 
> idea, beginners should not be scared off by the thought that IO in 
> Haskell is so hard it has to be covered on page 94. This is not the 
> case. It should be introduced on page 1.

As a newbie... I'll agree with Robin. I /did/ think that IO in Haskell 
was probably very difficult because it's covered in page 94. I skimmed 
through YAHT and IO is covered waaaayyy deep into the document. I 
haven't read that section yet, but there is a lot of content and to me 
it looked like it must be something difficult. I guess/hope that when I 
get around to reading it I'll find out that it's not as scary as it looks.

> If people want Haskell to be treated as a practical language, not just 
> something for doing academic teaching and research with, it should be 
> taught as a practical language - which means that things like IO and 
> space/time usage come to the forefront.

Until recently I thought of Haskell as something you would use for 
Calculus and the like. It seemed like a tool for academia. You may be 
interested to know that one of the reasons I started looking at Haskell 
just now was to help a friend understand Calculus (the other reason is 
that Haskell looks very cool).

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