[Haskell-cafe] +RTS -M800M

Ketil Malde ketil.malde at bccs.uib.no
Sat Dec 17 16:56:58 EST 2005

"Simon Marlow" <simonmar at microsoft.com> writes:

> On 16 December 2005 10:05, Joel Reymont wrote:
>> I'm trying to restrict GHC to 800Mb of heap at runtime by passing in
>> +RTS -M800M, the machine has 1Gb of memory and top shows free
>> physical memory dropping below 175Mb.

> -M800m should do more or less the right thing, but it is possible for
> GHC to exceed this figure by a small percentage.  

Is there any chance there is a bug in recent GHCs (or perhaps Linux?)
affecting this?  I'm fairly sure I've lately seen Haskell programs
consuming significantly larger amounts of memory than they should be
allowed to, and I can try to isolate a test case if it is of

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