[Haskell-cafe] Optimizing a high-traffic network architecture

Joel Reymont joelr1 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 11:55:36 EST 2005


In my current architecture I launch a two threads per socket where  
the socket reader places results in a TMVar and the socket writer  
takes input from a TChan. I also have the worker thread the does the  
bulk of packet processing and a timer thread. The time thread sleeps  
for a few minutes and exits after posting a timeout event if it  
hasn't been killed before.

My goal is to launch poker 2,000 bots that join the server "lobby"  
and sit there sending small keep-alive packets every few minutes. The  
ultimate goal is for 4,000 bots to be playing but I'm taking it one  
step at a time.

This is Mac OSX Tiger with a couple of header files modified to allow  
FD_SETSIZE of 10240. This is the maximum allowed by 'ulimit -n'. I'm  
also running ghc 6.4.1, compiled after FD_SETSIZE has been increased.

I can get to 2k bots without any trouble if I use a keep-alive  
timeout of 9 minutes. Memory usage with 2k bots is 161Mb of physical  
memory and 262Mb VM. CPU usage 20-40%. Memory usage is constant once  
all bots have been launched.

With a 1 minute keep-alive timeout system is starting to get stressed  
almost right away. There's verbose logging going on and almost every  
event/packet sent and received is traced. The extra logging of the  
timeout events probably adds to the stress and so, I assume, do the  
extra packets. New bots are being launched very slowly even with just  
200 bots already running.

Based on the above, would you have any suggestions for an improved  

I will try 1) disabling logging alltogether and 2) increase thread  
stack size to 3k (+RTS -k3k) as per Simon Marlow's suggestion. As per  
simon if a thread stack space is between 2k and 4k then each thread  
gets its own memory block (right Simon?) and threads are not GCd then.

I'm a bit concerned about trippling my memory use with -k3k, though.  
I'm not sure if switching to a continuations-based framework will  
help me. Has anyone tried this?

	Thanks, Joel


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