[Haskell-cafe] Re: Announcing Djinn, new version 2004-12-13

Chung-chieh Shan ccshan at post.harvard.edu
Tue Dec 13 23:00:20 EST 2005

Lennart Augustsson <lennart at augustsson.net> wrote in article <439F4539.4070205 at augustsson.net> in gmane.comp.lang.haskell.general:
> There is a new version of Djinn available, with two notable
> new features: Haskell data types can be defined and the
> found functions are sorted (heuristically) to present the
> best one first.


I wonder why the only Church numerals Djinn found were 0 and 1?

    Djinn> :set +m
    Djinn> num ? (a -> a) -> (a -> a)
    num :: (a -> a) -> a -> a
    num x1 x2 = x1 x2
    -- or
    num _ x2 = x2

Very cool, in any case.


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