[Haskell-cafe] RE: [Haskell] fptools mirror in darcs ready for testing

Ross Paterson ross at soi.city.ac.uk
Mon Dec 12 10:07:36 EST 2005

On Mon, Dec 12, 2005 at 02:54:08PM -0000, Simon Marlow wrote:
> On 08 December 2005 18:21, Malcolm Wallace wrote:
> > It suddenly occurs to me that there are other projects in CVS
> > that have not yet been converted to darcs, e.g. Hugs98 and nhc98.
> > Are there plans to do so?  If not, then since both of these depend
> > on the libraries tree, there will need to be some other plan to cope
> > with the eventual dropping of the libraries CVS archive.
> > 
> > There are also a bunch of other smaller, more stand-alone projects
> > like cpphs, hat, ohugs, programmatica, timber.  The long-term plan
> > for Hat is to depend on the libraries tree, although it does not do
> > so currently.  Hugs98 and nhc98 both currently depend on cpphs.
> It might be worthwhile someone setting up a mirror from darcs->CVS to
> keep the libraries CVS tree up to date, to help support these other
> projects that aren't moving to darcs yet (or at all?).  

The Hugs Makefile fetches the libraries, cpphs and hsc2hs with a cvs
command line, which could easily be changed to darcs (though that would
add a dependency for building from CVS or creating a source bundle).

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