[Haskell-cafe] busting up a structured binary file

Brian McQueen mcqueenorama at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 14:54:29 EST 2005

Can someone point me to a sample so I can get started?  This will be
my first Haskkel project, after reading about it for some months now. 
I need to extract text from a structed binary file.  Its a local
database for a commercial app of proprietary structure, though the
structure has been determined.  So I need to move along a number of
bytes, take a few chunks of so many more bytes and grab the string and
move on to the next record, dumping the contents - ultimately dumping
it to XML.  It'll need to run on windows so I guess I had better use

So a sample and any advice would be an excellent start for me, and
would be greatly appreciated.


Brian McQueen

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