[Haskell-cafe] Can't Haskell catch up with Clean's uniqueness typing?

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> > Maybe you'd be interested in Hacle?
> >
> >   http://www-users.cs.york.ac.uk/~mfn/hacle/

Yep, I am. :) I've discovered it a while ago.

> >
> >   " The aim was to develop a translator which is capable of reading in any
> >    given Haskell'98 program and writing out a semantically equivalent Clean
> >    one. Why? To investigate the suitability of the Clean compiler for
> >    compiling Haskell programs, i.e.  Can the Clean compiler, in combination
> >    with this tool, produce faster executables than existing Haskell
> >    compilers? "
> That looks interesting. I wonder what the results mean =)
> It could be that Clean and Haskell are roughly equivalent in speed
> (modulo som variance), or it could mean that GHC is great at
> optimizing Haskell code, but in certain cases uniqueness typing (among
> other things?) gives so much benifits that it outweights GHC's
> optimization.

Just a side note (please, correct me if I'm wrong): Hacle does not even make use of uniqueness typing (apart from *World
and *File), so any benefits are due to other differences, like, inferred strictness.



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