[Haskell-cafe] Can't Haskell catch up with Clean's uniqueness typing?

Tomasz Zielonka tomasz.zielonka at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 15:18:15 EST 2005

On Tue, Dec 06, 2005 at 03:17:21PM +0100, haskell-cafe.mail.zooloo at xoxy.net wrote:
> being occupied with learning both languages, I'm getting curious if
> Haskell couldn't achieve most of the performance gains resulting from
> uniqueness typing in Clean by *automatically* determining the
> reference count of arguments wherever possible and subsequently
> allowing them to be physically replaced immediately by (the
> corresponding part of) the function's result.

We can get similar performance from Haskell using various features of
GHC (unboxed arrays, mutable arrays, ST monad, soon SMP, etc) and one
can argue that they are even nicer.

I liked the concept of UT in Clean, but I haven't ever got comfortable
with using it to write real programs.

> Are there any principal obstacles, or *could* this be done, or *is*
> this even done already, e. g. in ghc?

I think the biggest obstacle is that almost nobody asks for it.
Well, you asked, but how much Haskell code did you write to be
sure that you really need it?

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