[Haskell-cafe] Learning Haskell

Jimmie Houchin jhouchin at cableone.net
Tue Dec 6 01:14:37 EST 2005

I would like to thank all who have replied to my inquiry.

I have been perusing the haskell.org site and reading some of the
tutorials. I just didn't want to expend lots of time just to find out
that my math skills were woefully inadequate. I am grateful to learn
that I can continue pursuing Haskell. I am not afraid of math. I just
don't have a background nor the interest in acquiring one. My time is
too limited. :)

Haskell looks like a very interesting language. I am only so-so with
Python and I thought that maybe if instead of spending sufficient time
to get proficient with Python, I could invest a similar time (more or
less) and get reasonably (pragmatically speaking) proficient with
Haskell. I know I may never understand the theory and maths behind the
design, but I believe I can appreciate the design and be a decent user
of the tools it provides.

I've seen much of what OO provides, good and bad. I'm interested in a
good FP experience and it seems that Haskell can provide that.

The reason I asked about programming in the small, was my desire to
spend my time and energy in a single direction. The ability to move what
I do in Python to Haskell aids in that goal. It also promotes my
learning of Haskell. From my browsing of the lists on gmane, it seems
that Haskell is improving in that direction. I know it isn't Haskell's
native environment, but as long as it permits and doesn't hinder.

I am also hoping to use it for web development.

Thanks again. We'll see if I can fit Haskell into my brain. Or at least
a sufficiently workable portion. :)


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