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Scherrer, Chad Chad.Scherrer at pnl.gov
Fri Dec 2 12:45:45 EST 2005

> From: Bulat Ziganshin <bulatz at HotPOP.com>
> Hello Chad,
> Wednesday, November 30, 2005, 5:07:02 AM, you wrote:
> SC> I've been reading some of the articles about comonads, 
> and I thought 
> SC> the idea of giving main the type OI () -> () was pretty 
> interesting.
> it looks interesting. what are you reading?
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I'm reading the articles by Kieburtz and Uustalu linked from this page

On checking this again, I can't find the reference to the types I
mentioned -- It may have just been the result of my reading the articles
and letting the ideas simmer in my head, combined with a lack of
rereading them before posting. I still need to read things through more
carefully to be sure I understand it all correctly.

In any case, here's the idea (still evolving, of course). There are safe
functions of the form
a -> IO b
but not
IO a -> b

Dually, you should be able to write functions
OI a -> b
but not
a -> OI b

Now, suppose you want to read stdin, apply f to it, and print the
result. The current standard is something like

main = do s <- getContents
          print $ f s


main = getContents >>= (print . f)

But it's simpler to write

main = print . f . coGetContents 

coGetContents :: OI () -> String
f :: String -> a
print :: a -> IO ()

Of course, changing the type of main alltogether is probably a bad idea,
because it would break too much code. But maybe allowing constructions
like this would be reasonable?

Alternatively, there could be a nice way to write
toMain :: (OI () -> IO ()) -> IO ()
My first thought is 
toMain f = f $ OI ()
but somehow this seems to easy, and I'm worried about the type safety.
Chad Scherrer
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