[Haskell-cafe] Re: Oracle + Haskell advice?

kyra kyrab at mail.ru
Fri Aug 19 21:00:00 EDT 2005

Keean Schupke wrote:

> Well, I'll put my hand up, I use Haskell with databases and web 
> stuff... Unfortunately when I started the common tools were not 
> available. I have a home-grown Haskell-Servlet server, with monadic 
> continuation based HTML composition and a HaskellDB like database 
> layer. It all works very well, but being written for internal use (and 
> me being lazy) it has only those features that I need. It is however 
> designed as an integrated Web-Application platform... I was 
> considering releasing it - but since I started other projects like 
> HaskellDB restarted, WASH was written, HSQL started to support unix, 
> and somebody added plugins to the Haskell Web-Server - So I didn't 
> bother, although I am still using it myself...
> Still I now know that HaskellDB has significant limitations, and the 
> relational algebra approach I took is far more robust and flexable...
> I don't have time to take this from a usable but incomplete project to 
> a fully implemented API - what I mean here is that not all ODBC calls 
> are implemented, some SQL features might be missing, some tags are not 
> defined... not all HTTP requests and errors are generated, oh and 
> there's no documentation. If anyone were interested in 
> using/contributing I could give CVS access to the code.
>    Keean.

Yes, I'm definitely interested in evaluating/using/contributing your 

Regards, Kyra

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