[Haskell-cafe] static typing and interactivity

Keean Schupke k.schupke at imperial.ac.uk
Thu Aug 18 11:44:35 EDT 2005

I look at the source code and think about it... Generally I code in vi, 
then run ghci, or compile and run. I find from experience the type 
errors are normally easy to fix, you just look at the error, and study 
the structure of the function. If I still have problems I edit the code 
to return or output intermediate values. From years of doing this I can 
generally spot all my mistakes quickly... leaving only those situations 
where I don't fully understand the algorithm as requiring serious 
thought. Of course these are precisely those kind of problems for which 
a debugger is not much good either.


Jake Luck wrote:

>> One slight annoyance using Haskell is the inability to load modules
>> with type problems in the interactive environment (i.e. GHCi).  When I
>> have a type error, it would be nice to have an interactive way to
>> explore what the compiler thinks about the types involved -- as it is,
>> I have to resort to adding type signatures more or less at random to
>> narrow down the problem.
>> I'm not sure if it is technically feasible to (partially) load a
>> module with definitions that fail type checking, but if it were, I
>> thing it would make developing Haskell programs even nicer :-)
> Along similiar lines, it would be quite nice if one can mark their 
> haskell code(working or not) with "breakpoints" and drop the 
> programmer into GHCi so they can poke around, especially inside a 
> do-construct. e.g. something the evalutation engine can check during 
> reduction maybe? I find myself writing a lot of testing frameworks, 
> maybe this is a good thing!, when I program. How do most of the folks 
> here debug their large code base?
> jake
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