[Haskell-cafe] Re: [Haskell] pros and cons of static typing and side effects ?

Keean Schupke k.schupke at imperial.ac.uk
Tue Aug 16 17:30:01 EDT 2005

Benjamin Franksen wrote:

>as in
>  data XWrap = Show a => XWrap a
>I always thought this was a pretty nice idea.
Wow, I hadn't thought of that... of course you still need to explicitly 
give the
universal quantification if you need it. I guess the best option is to 
make it
optional, as I still like the look of:

    data XWrap = exists a . Show a => XWrap a

It kind of say "this is existential quantification" in large freindly 
(A bit like a book I once read - except that said "Don't Panic")


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